Ash Can School is ~

Janet Lee Aiello / vocals & guitar
David Jude Aiello / vocals & bass guitar
Tom Hennessey / guitar
Tom Selear / drums

"David & Janet Aiello started Ash Can School as an outlet for their own blossoming collaboration in the rock n roll world. Named after the late nineteenth century group of American painters, the group synthesizes collective fin de ceicle experiences and then distills them down to their instinctive soul." ~ Anonymous

Husband and wife, David (bass & vocals) and Janet Aiello (vocals & guitar), have released six CDs with their band, Ash Can School: No Landscapes From Fairyland, Walk In The Sun, Kisses From The Deep, The Ever Blooming Knockout Rose, The Mother Lode and Music In The Modern Tradition. Ash Can School also features Tom Hennessey (guitar), Tom Selear (drums & vocals).

Ash Can School has earned favorable reviews in: Shepherd/Express, Milwaukee Journal, Chicago Tribune, Kenosha News, Recording Magazine, and The Onion. Another interesting note...Ash Can School was the featured band for the cover story, "Painters Of Music", for the debut issue of W.A.M.I magazine.

What others say about Ash Can School -

"Ash Can School originates from Kenosha, Wisconsin. Writing and performing their own style of rock... Their combined creative energy, fronted by Janet's intensely ravishing vocals, is like no other. Once you've seen them, you will be will want to dance and will feel happy to be alive!"


"Led by the strong voice of Janet Aiello, the group has been playing solid pop for the last decade."

....the ONION

"Ash Can School plays authentic American Rock and Roll with a blazing beat and a voice on fire. The original sonic work Ash Can School records and performs is the beat and melody of true Rock and the glorious voice of real Roll. While music trends tediously come and boringly go, Ash Can School avoids this tedium and boredom by remaining faithful to significant origins, indeed, but also by pushing beyond with contemporary insight and spontaneous pioneer sound. And they have fun. And so will you hearing their recordings and attending their shows. They live. They make you come alive. They are this exqusite, and that essential. Ash Can School is the Rock and Roll band of the era for its rocking roots and rolling growth -- hearing them is going to school in order to skip class and just experience what they have learned and take to the studio and stage for your own flaming desire to hear what is still possible in Rock Music."

Dr. Martin Jack Rosenblum
"The Holy Ranger"